Meme of 4’s

March 22, 2006


Windows facing the Tübingen marketplace

It’s been a week and a half without a post! Where went my resolution? What happened to the promise I made myself to post three times a week? Perhaps that’s a bit much, you think. Perhaps you’re right. But there should be some consistency, should there not?

So here I have a post that’s not even really a food post. I’m so sorry! I should really take my camera to work and show you all the random Japanese sweets and bento lunches I eat every day. It’s pretty impressive, but I’m falling apart from being so super busy.

Thank you Paige from Come to the Table for tagging me for this meme. It’s a great way to give a bit more of a (admittedly random) introduction of myself.

Four jobs you’ve had in your life (all in the past!)

  1. First job ever was in a hamburger trailer at the Oregon State Fair. I quit halfway through the two week job, because of the unappetizing conditions and my over-friendly boss. I have not eaten at the state fair since.
  2. Teaching Asisstant for Children’s Education Theatre, a summer camp. I’m not an actor, though. I prefer power tools, lighting equipment, and the dark backstage, which I got to show middle schoolers all about.
  3. Carpenter for the Smith College Theatre Department.
  4. Volunteer as kitchen staff and barista at the Bazaar Cafe, Kyoto, Japan. I’m too busy lately to go every week, but I love the place.

Four movies you could watch over and over:

Or since there are not so many, four movies I have watched over and over in the course of my (still short) lifetime:

  1. My sister and I always rented Mary Poppins when we were little. I didn’t like the bank scene, where the father is laid off. I think I’ve only actually seen it once or twice, though I’ve seen the movie umpteen times.
  2. In middle school, Much Ado About Nothing.
  3. In high school, Fight Club, but I really didn’t like the violence. It makes you wonder why I watched it.
  4. Recently, Spirited Away by Miyazaki, the Japanese Disney and great social critic

Four places you’ve lived:

  1. Tübingen, Germany (birthplace)
  2. Salem, Oregon (formative years)
  3. Northampton, Massachusetts (college)
  4. Kyoto, Japan (currently)

Four TV shows you love to watch:

  1. Julia Child’s cooking shows. She went to my alma matter!
  2. Yaoh, the Japanese TV show about hosts. The closest thing to hosts that I can think of in the states might be escort services, but they don’t receive their customers in an escort club. I like it for it’s cultural interest ;-) … but really who thinks the lead character Ryosuke is cute? He has a mullet!
  3. Kyo no Ryori, an NHK cooking show that showcases a different chef each week. (NHK is Japanese public broadcasting.)
  4. Hajimetesan no Kimono Juku, a show my the always elegant Kimono expert Ichida Hiromi on all the basics of coordinating, wearing, and storing kimono.

Four places you’ve been on vacation:

  1. Tuscany, Italy
  2. Vienna, Austria
  3. Okinawa, Japan (for my first Christmas away from home)
  4. Shanghai and the Yellow Mountains, China

Four Websites You Visit Daily:

  3. (German radio station from Berlin)
  4. (a great tool for reading Japanese digital print)

Four of Your Favorite Foods:

  1. Swiss chocolate
  2. European cheese
  3. Gyoza dumplings
  4. Wagashi, Japanese sweets

Four Places You’d Rather Be:

  1. in my parents’ beautiful kitchen
  2. in Nishiki market
  3. in Italy with some bread, pecorino cheese, olive oil, a tomato, and wine
  4. in Tübingen, my other home

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