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Part II: My New Cocotte (and other new-to-me gadgets)

March 2, 2006

cocotte gadgets

La Cocotte, a spätzle board, and a “Quisinart”

In Japan, Staub’s “La Cocotte” is experiencing some popularity keeping in with the trend in slow life and slow food. I am not in the least amazed that this term has come into vogue in a country where most men (it’s not me being stereotypical here, it’s sadly the culture) run off early every morning to work, fret around all day at the office, and return only late after fulfilling the obligations to socialize with their co-workers. Women do this also until they marry. Then, they must manage their family’s lives, particularly their childrens’, organizing the grueling schedule of educational pursuits, most prominently memorizing absolutely anything memorize-able. Read the rest of this entry »