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Gateau Chocolat

August 23, 2006

gateau chocolat
Gateau Chocolat from Raku Raku So

Apologies for the long absence. I have been adjusting to a new, full-time job. A job closely related to tourism and thus to food, and maybe because our work is also related to the arts or maybe because we get so many high quality food gifts in the business, we all seem to appreciate the fine points of good food.

Recently when my co-worker Michiko asked me to do a favor proof-reading an English text for a friend of hers, we agreed on a barter of proof-reading for cake, chocolate cake, actually Raku Raku So‘s gateau chocolat. Raku Raku So is in Kameoka, a city on the other side of the western hills of Kyoto, where thick fog fills the valley most mornings and the produce is delicious and abundant because of the high water table. Read the rest of this entry »


My 2nd Valentine’s Day

February 19, 2006

chocolate palmiers2

Chocolate Palmiers

And I finally get to see my boyfriend after not having seen him on Valentine’s Day. He has to commute to Osaka for work, and seriously can’t squeeze in an evening with me during the week. So we had a lazy Sunday afternoon. I gave him his Valentine’s Day present as soon as he walked in the door… chocolate palmiers. To my delight they were very well received by both him and my roommate. Success! Read the rest of this entry »

SHF #16: Matcha Truffles

February 11, 2006

matcha truffles

Two truffle combinations of matcha, milk chocolate, and white chocolate.

What is more delectable than chocolate? Perhaps matcha. In my mind, they share the same qualities of ecstasy. I love them both. So why not put them together? Matcha truffles in two varieties: one a white chocolate matcha ganache with a cocoa coating, the other a milk chocolate matcha ganache powdered with matcha. This is my Recipe for Love for Sugar High Friday. Read the rest of this entry »

Traditional Kyoto Hard Candy

February 9, 2006

kyoto ame

Kyo-ame. The large, brown ones are ginger with black sesame seeds, and the cute faces and flowers are fruity flavored.

Today, I went cookbook shopping, and on my way home picked up some matcha green tea to enjoy with my new books. To really enjoy matcha, you need sweets to pop in your mouth before you sip the sometimes bitter tea. It effectively sweetens the tea. Of course, there are the elaborate, traditional sweets you normally have at tea ceremonies, but that was too formal for lazing away, reading cookbooks. So, I stopped by a small traditional sugar candy (Kyo-ame) shop. Read the rest of this entry »

Apple Season!

January 30, 2006

apple crumble

Rum Raisin Apple Crumble

I hope everyone who’s tried one will agree that Japanese apples are absolutely delicious. They are sweeter and have a much softer texture than most US apples. (Hint: If you cut open an apple and find a somewhat clear area all around the core, you know it’s super sweet.) Half the apples I ate during college in Massachusetts were incredibly mealy and unpleasant. Not so with Japanese ones! And at this time of year, they’re in season. Read the rest of this entry »