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Shake no Ochazuke

March 28, 2006

salmon ochazuke

Salmon Ochazuke

Perhaps the simplest, most homey Japanese food, Ochazuke is basically tea poured over rice. Traditionally, ochazuke comes at the end of an elaborate meal, maybe as a way to bring you back down to earth, but its often eaten by itself for lunch or a quick meal.

On the last day before I returned to the states after studying abroad here in Kyoto for a year, I got to request the meals at my hostfamily's. For lunch, we had ochazuke and for dinner, sashimi, perhaps the most ordinary and most refined meals in Japanese cuisine. Ochazuke is so plain, people have compared me to elderly Japanese for liking the dish.

Usually people add little flavor packets to the tea/rice combination that have nori seaweed, mini rice crackers (arare), dried salmon flakes, and green tea-flavored salt pieces. But then, who knows what's actually in these packets and how they preserve the fish bits. It's a bit questionable if you ask me. So I tried to recreate it, with some help from Maki's ochazuke recipe. Read the rest of this entry »


SHF #16: Matcha Truffles

February 11, 2006

matcha truffles

Two truffle combinations of matcha, milk chocolate, and white chocolate.

What is more delectable than chocolate? Perhaps matcha. In my mind, they share the same qualities of ecstasy. I love them both. So why not put them together? Matcha truffles in two varieties: one a white chocolate matcha ganache with a cocoa coating, the other a milk chocolate matcha ganache powdered with matcha. This is my Recipe for Love for Sugar High Friday. Read the rest of this entry »